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Environmental Responsibility

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Environmental Responsibility

BILLIONS of K-cups — ZERO recycled.

Single-cup coffees are the latest trend because they offer a perception of greater quality and freshness. But this trend is being challenged by its obvious impact on the environment. Over 3 Billion K-cups are produced each year, and even more when you add in pods and capsules. None are recycled.

Made of non-degradable plastic and a sheet of tin foil, these billions of K-cups are simply dumped into landfills. Metallic capsules are no better. Each Nespresso capsule contains 1 gram of aluminium; 13 of them equal a soda can. None are recycled.

Safe SINGLE-CUP Solution:

The good news is that Espresso Roasting offers an excellent single-cup coffee alternative to K-cups, pods and capules. Our Aroma machines deliver one cup at a time of freshly-brewed gourmet coffee, made from freshly-ground espresso beans. The flavor simply doesn't get any better or fresher!

Espresso Roasting is perfect for offices that value environmental responsibility and businesses concerned with the effect their operations have on the environment. Not only do we resolve the environmental issue posed by K-cups, but our office coffee services do so at lower prices with the highest quality, most freshly roasted beans available. When compared to K-cups, Espresso Roasting is a TOTAL win: excellent single-cup coffee at lower prices and delivered in environmentally responsible packaging.

Environmentally responsible office coffee.
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