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FreshGround 121 Super-Automatic Espresso Machine

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FreshGround 121 Super-Automatic Espresso Machine

FreshGround 121 Super Automatic Espresso Machines in San Diego
One Grinder - One Bean Hopper
Two Soluble Hoppers

The FreshGround 121 is a slimmer version of the XL233. And like the XL233, the 121 is the most user friendly bean-to-cup brewing equipment available for your office. Now your company can indulge in the fullest flavored beverages made from freshly ground beans, brewed to GOLD CUP standards.

The FreshGround 121 offers state-of-the-art controls for the fresh bean-to-cup process from grind settings and strength selections to flavorings, all at a simple touch of the FreshGround's user friendly and highly advanced touch screen.

Easily create a wide variety of specialty coffees such as cappuccino, latte, espresso, flavored coffees, and hot chocolate. The bean hopper holds 5 pounds of beans allowing you to grind and brew up to an AMAZING 8 gallons of fresh gourmet coffee an hour!

Just like its bigger cousin the XL233, the 121 model is one of the most advanced, economical, commercial-grade, super-automatic gourmet coffee machine on the market, designed to handle any size crowd or volume that your office or venue demands.

The best part... this super-automatic espresso machine could be in your office for FREE!     Easy Qualify

FreshGround 121 Touch Screen

Intuitive and simple to navigate, with features that include:

  • Built-in touch screen manual.
  • Pre-programmed instructions in 12 languages.
  • Easy self-serve operation at the touch of the screen.
  • On-screen Branding. You can customize the screen background, the individual drink images and the screen saver to create your brand message.

No other super-automatic machine can match the convenience, quality, features, value and performance of the FreshGround 121, built to handle any size crowd.

For a multitude of applications, whether small or large offices, or high volume conventions, catering events, convenience stores, and more, this is the ideal specialty coffee solution.

  • Multi-function, grind only, brew only and grind only options
  • Clear and user friendly touchscreen
  • Individual strength setting options
  • Low maintenance features such as automatic descaling and and rinsing programs
  • Patented hot water system that keeps scaling to a minimum, keeping the brewer cleaner, longer
  • Additional hoppers for powdered ingredients are available
  • Also available with coin mechanism

FreshGround 121 - COMPACT MODEL:

Size: 37.6 x 13.2 x 20 inch
(1) Grinder
(1) Whole Bean Hopper (holds 5.0 lbs.)
(2) Soluble Hoppers (holds 2.4 lbs. each)

Masterful Engineering
  • Valve-less Brew System (V.B.S.) – Unique, valve-less design reduces lime and scale build-up.

  • Patented Water Port Selector – Eliminates the hassle of leaking dispense valves.

  • Patented Soluble Canister – Easy to remove, disassemble, and re-install for a complete and thorough cleaning. NSF approved.

  • Brew Settings – Customize your brew settings including grind, strength, drink combinations and portion control.

  • Closed-loop Error Code System – Prevents users from bypassing error codes, minimizing water leaks.

  • Patented Teflon Infused Parts – Reduces caking and scale build-up throughout the machine.

  • Recipe programming – Your customized recipes can be copied and distributed from machine to machine via SD card.

  • User Friendly
    Anyone can operate the FreshGround 121 super-automatic espresso machine - with just the push a button.

  • Computerized
    Fully programmable drink selections. Tailor your drink menu to fit your customer profile.

  • Built-in Management Tools
    Tracks quantity of items dispensed and allows for customized quality control. Can be connected to various point-of-sale devices that meet Multi Drop Bus / Internal Communication Protocol (MDB/ICB).

  • Continuous Brewing Capability
    Operates uninterrupted, with no recovery time necessary. Extra-large bean hoppers. Each bean hopper holds up to 5.0 lbs. of whole coffee beans.

  • Always Ready for Use
    Designed to be left on all day, every day.

  • Super Fast and Easy
    Each drink is completed within 15-30 seconds of the push of one button.

  • Fixed or Portable
    Can be permanently placed on a counter-top, temporarily on a table, or moved about on a rolling cart.

  • Dependable Quality
    Every cup is identical to the last one, every time. Long lasting ceramic burrs which deliver uniform particle distribution.

  • High Quality Construction
    Built to uphold the most exacting of standards. All exterior components are completely powder-coated for anti-rust protection.

  • Needs No Special Wiring
    Plugs into any ordinary 110V outlet.

  • Exceptional Flavor
    Indistinguishable from brews made by the highly labor-intensive traditional machines.

  • Touch Free Eco Mode
    No need to think twice about saving money on energy costs. Brewer automatically switches into energy saving mode from the last drink dispensed.

  • Available Water Source
    Unlike many traditional machines, the FreshGround 121 works off a low-pressure delivery system that does away with the need for special plumbing.

  • Precision Grind Adjustment.
    No tools required. Adjust the grinder to match your ground bean preference from coarse to finely ground.

  • Handles Any Size Crowd
    Especially designed for large-scale commercial dispensing venues: catering events, conventions, convenience stores and more - the FreshGround 121 super-automatic espresso machine is built to please any size crowd!

  • Low Maintenance
    A few minutes daily guarantees many years of trouble-free service. Push one button to clean the machine and then simply refill the containers. Removable drip tray. Automatic descaling and rinse program.

  • Hot Water Dispenser
    Any selection can be converted to a hot water button for tea, soup or other purposes, and is available 24 hours a day, every day.

  • Automatic Shutoff
    The FreshGround 121 super-automatic espresso machine turns itself off if the water level goes too low.

  • Excellent Customer Service
    Comes with a comprehensive one-year warranty and 24/7 service support. Warranty beyond one-year for labor and parts may be determined by each distributor.

FreshGround 121 - Specifications

  • ETL listed for home and commercial use
  • Rated Power: 120V, 12.1A, 1455 Watts
  • Dimensions: 37.6 x 13.2 x 20 inch
  • Weight: 78 lbs. gross, 68 lbs. net
  • Computerized programmable buttons
  • Water Pressure: min. 14.5 psi (1 bar)